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We need to make one thing clear...


The sound.

Sound isn't just our job, it's our passion...

If we don't make your event sound as good as we know we can, we can't sleep at night.

We're pleased to report we get compliments on our sound most places we go...

check our reviews!  Check out how clear the sound on all our videos is too.

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As well as our 3 stages we can also offer sound systems for events for 50 people up to 5000 people.  Our job is to ensure whoever is on stage is heard where the people are.  We will provide whatever is neccessary to make sure the entire venue is covered and everything is not just audible but both impressive and pleasant sounding.  For the musicians/acts we can supply monitors and/or in ear monitors, even multi track output for live recordings.  Line array or point source we've got it covered.  Get in touch today for a no obligation quotation.

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